Scar Stories Inc. is a charity that supports young adult cancer patients & survivors through creative initiatives.

Fighting cancer as a young adult (18-35yrs) presents unique challenges - physical, emotional, social and psychological. Due to insufficient funding, research and a lack of awareness, these needs are not being met globally and many of our young adults face great challenges coming to terms with their post-cancer bodies.

From one-on-one photoshoots and skateboard art to rocking their scars alongside rock stars, Scar Stories uses music, art and photography to achieve our mission.

The Scar Stories Mission:


 Raise awareness about young adult cancer;

 Raise funds for specialty care for this age group; and

 Help these young people see their scars and post-treatment bodies in a new light: one that is empowering and beautiful.


But we cannot achieve our goals alone. 

Thanks to our incredible partners, championsphotographers, musicians, artists,  volunteers and supporters, Scar Stories is making a difference to the lives of young people dealing with issues most of us, thankfully, will never have to.

Please explore the site, be inspired, share, participate and find out more!

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