Radio Star

I interviewed on ABC radio today. What a pleasure it is to be invited into the ABC studio at Brisbane's South Bank to talk about Scar Stories. Of course I could talk about Scar Stories for hours but I was chuffed still at the generous time slot that was awarded us.

We can thank the amazing Nikki Keating for setting this interview up. She is quickly becoming our favourite Scar Stories promoter, having already written a piece about me for Sartre magazine's third edition that goes to print very soon.

Tim Cox was a lovely interviewer, as you can hear. He may have a few radio converts after today's show, if only I could get the AM stations to work in my car. 

The Scar Stories team is amazed at the level of media coverage that we're getting this month. It's been a whirlwind ride, with the book launch a couple weeks ago and the commencement of our Rock Scars project this week. And we're nowhere near ready to slow down!

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To connect is to thrive…and with Milaana’s help, we’re thriving!

No, Milaana is not the name of a super helpful woman, helping Scar Stories launch itself into greatness (although what a pretty name that would be). No, that woman would be Hollie Gordon, the founder of Milaana - a social business start-up that connects students and job seekers with the projects of community organisations, like us!

A recent university graduate herself, founder Hollie Gordon realized that if the importance of unpaid work experience was the new reality for most students, they may as well put their time and energy towards worthwhile causes and the organisations that support them. As she couldn’t find a platform to serve this niche, she created one!

Enter Milaana.

I came upon Milaana through the usual avenue – a friend of a friend of mine. Well, I shouldn’t downplay it; people like Hollie and me are working hard every day to make the connections with the right people. And when we achieve this, magic happens.  

Milaana means "to connect" or "to help people meet" in Hindi and that is exactly what does, bringing Community Organisations and Students together through these projects. So what happens is this: organisations register to promote the cause-driven projects that they would like help with; students browse projects according to their skills and the causes they care about, applying for their ideal positions; then the organizations select the best applicant and the impact placement ensues!

Scar Stories Founder makes connections at Milaana

Scar Stories Founder makes connections at Milaana

I registered Scar Stories with Milaana about a month ago, because we are in real need of honest help from hardworking young people with enthusiasm and a little more time on hand than the regular 9-5er. Within days I had an applicant. I did some networking at a Milaana event, and received a few more applications, but in the end I met Jess, the first applicant and, thank my lucky stars, a super keen chick ready to be our very first Event Supervisor.

Milaana's vision is to empower our youth, by increasing job readiness and community engagement, through project-based community internships. So we have empowered Jess...with a powerful task! Jess is going to supervise our next event – the Scar Stories book launch. This event includes live graffiti art, performance artists, guest speakers, two musicians, food, drinks, book sales, an exhibition, and a silent auction! It’s not going to run itself, and if I let it, it would run me and Kylie Cobb into the ground. But with the help of Milaana we’ve found a very capable Intern, ready to give her all for a good cause.

Cue applause!

This is an extremely exciting time for Scar Stories. We’re experience rapid growth and starting a number of new projects simultaneously. We’re still searching for other enthusiastic people to come on board so head to and check it out.

Interns and Community Organisations ready to jump in and make a difference.

Interns and Community Organisations ready to jump in and make a difference.