Dead Letter Circus - Rock Scars Project

We commenced our Rock Scars project in 2014 with legendary rock band Dead Letter Circus appearing in our first photo shoot with young adult cancer survivor Jaymee.

Our day started with Kylie and me jumping in a limousine to pick up Jaymee, and really give her the rock star treatment. Limoso Limousine Services kindly donated the limo for the day and our driver Pat came in especially on his day off to ensure that Jaymee was made to feel as special as she is!

It was Kylie's and my first ride in a limo so we may have been even more excited than Jaymee, but that just added to the great vibe of the day. We took some silly photos of us acting like 'rock stars,' i.e. looking drunk at 11am. We were quickly put straight by Dead Letter Circus' bassist Stewart who assured us that not only does he avoid drinking at 11am, but he has also never been picked up in a limo.

We arrived at the photography studio in Pinkenba and were greeted by a film crew (well, it was one videographer but still totally rock n roll!). Jaymee was introduced to Ben from Surge Media who is making a documentary about the project, our photographer Steve from Black Bee Studio, and makeup artist Maria Rivera; all of whom donated their time, tools, and expertise to make the day a success.

She was also introduced to the boys from Dead Letter Circus, who happen to be one of Jaymee's favourite bands. The guys were extremely gracious and so enthusiastic about Scar Stories, Rock Scars, and having fun with Jaymee. We all grabbed a drink and snacks and chatted about everything from stardom to healthy eating.

'Hair' and makeup took a couple of hours. I say, 'hair' in quotations because Maria was actually completely covering Jaymee's vibrant blue hair in a bald cap. Jaymee being bald for the photo was less a reflection of 'cancer' and more a symbol of new life, like the butterflies she was posing with in the shoot. Jaymee did not act like a rock star diva at all during this process; completely chilled and happy to have a laugh with all of us while she told her cancer story to the camera.

Dead Letter Circus' hair and makeup took all of about 10 minutes.

The photoshoot itself was intricate, but we made it fun. Everyone had to be involved; holding butterflies in place, pointing lights in different directions, and trying hard not to make Jaymee laugh in the serious shots. 

Dead Letter Circus Rock Scars Scar Stories

The day finished up with me driving Jaymee to work. Such a loyal employee after a big day. We were still hyper from the excitement of meeting one of Australia's best (& nicest) Alt-Rock bands. We're so excited to see the finished Photograph and see it displayed at the launch exhibition of the Rock Scars collection.

Check out the video below: