Scar Stories’ Christmas “Good Gift” Guide 2017

A few weeks ago, I was driving home when an advert for the 2018 Australian Women's Health Diary came on the radio. That catchy little ad made me think about other Christmas gift options that could be more than just the usual tinsel and trinkets this year. It got me thinking about ways I could give my friends and family something personal to be opened and treasured, but at the same time, a gift that could also give back to a charitable cause…

Good Gift + Good Cause = Perfect Combo!

So after a bit of cyber searching, I discovered that there are already loads of awesome, altruistic companies and charities out there, offering just that happy equation! There were so many to choose from but for now, I’ve put together a list of some of my personal favourites for a quick Christmas “Good Gift” Guide 2017.

Ugly Xmas Rashie from Cancer Council Australia

The average Aussie Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without a family trip to the nearest beach or a cooling dip in the backyard pool. Well quite frankly, who wouldn’t want to maximise their stylish selves at either location, with a Cancer Council Australia ‘Ugly Xmas Rashie.’ Plus, this year they’ve also got you covered with an ‘Ugly Xmas Cycling Jersey’ for the avid cyclists in your lives. Cancer Council Australia has summed these gifts up rather nicely here: “the rashie is rated UPF50+, keeping trendsetters safe while at the beach, with the added bonus of supporting our work in cancer research, patient support and prevention programs.” Brilliant - fetching, functional attire with proceeds going to a good cause - a general crowd-pleaser for all ages.


Bum Shorts from Bowel Cancer Australia

One for Granny! OK, well perhaps not everyone’s dear old Nan but as a Bowel Cancer survivor herself, these would have my Granny in fits of giggles! At only $10 a pop and ‘one size fits all,’ you can’t really go wrong with a pair or two for a cheeky stocking filler or Secret Santa prezzie. You’ll also be supporting important Bowel Cancer fundraising efforts with your purchases.

bum shorts.jpg

Fire Blanket from Guide Dogs Victoria

So perhaps at first, a Fire Blanket may seem like a marginally less sexy alternative than the aforementioned Ugly Xmas Rashie or Bum Shorts but bear with me. This really is the perfect gift for ‘that person who has everything’ or your ‘loveable but questionable husband who thinks he’s Bear Grylls whenever he gets within 5 feet of a campfire.’ A Fire Blanket is compact, easily stored and has the potential to save someone’s life in an emergency, yet most people still don’t have one in their cars and/or homes. If you buy your Fire Blanket from Guide Dogs Victoria, the proceeds will also be contributing to the support of people with low vision and their life-changing Guide Dogs.


ECO: JADE ® Rubber Yoga Mat from JADE

This website really caught my eye when looking through all the good gifts out there, as they’ve got a nifty little YouTube clip giving a quick overview of their products, company foundations and charitable commitments from their Yoga mats sales. Not only do these mats come with rave reviews, they also support multiple good causes:
- Buy a Mat, Plant a Tree: For every mat purchased, JADE plants one tree through "Trees for the Future". JADE have planted over one million trees so far!
- Colour Causes: Donations up to $5 from each mat: Ovarian Cancer (Teal), Breast Cancer (Pink), Autism (Saffron). 
- Community Partners: Giving mats for Shelters, Hospitals, Rehab, Prisons, Schools and more.  

eco jade.jpg

Hand-knitted dolls & inspirational prints from cuddle+kind

cuddle+kind creates the most beautiful hand-knit dolls and gorgeous inspirational quote prints that would make a lovely gift for any little people in your life. Not only do these dolls make for some seriously cute photo opportunities, they are ethically produced in Peru providing artisans with a sustainable, fair trade income and for every doll sold, they give 10 meals to children in need. Plus for an added bonus, they have a special offer listed on their website at the moment: buy 2 dolls, get 2 prints free and feed 30 children in the process! That’s potentially 4 Christmas presents sorted for you in one go AND 30 meals donated to children in need.

P.S. If you ever need a serious boost of cuteness in your life, check out their Instagram!


Collection Mens II: Hunger, Water, Books from Conscious Step

My brother loves socks (starting to question how we’re even related) and even more so, comedy patterned socks (oh boy). Until now, I’ve refused to buy into this comedy sock madness but I must confess, this box set from Conscious Step has changed my mind and I’m now happy to jump on the sock buying bandwagon (and publicly reclaim my brother). The gorgeous recycled kraft paper gift box contains 3 individual pairs of high-quality socks – Socks That Give Clean Water, Socks That Give Books, and Socks That Fight Poverty. Three pairs of socks, three great causes donated to. 


Vibes Hi-Fi Earplugs from Vibes

Got a music fan or a tech buff to buy for? Vibes are really neat little Hi-Fi Earplugs that “unlike traditional foam earplugs that block and muffle sound, Vibes filter sound. Using specially designed sound tubes that balance sound waves, and sound-enhancing acoustic filters that reduce decibel levels, Vibes allow you to protect your hearing health and stay comfortable in loud environments that would otherwise cause discomfort and hearing damage.” Pretty cool for a music lover! In addition to enhancing your concert-going experience, Vibes have also partnered with Hear The World Foundation, so each pair sold will help fund world-wide projects that provide hearing aids, funding or education to those in need.


Various gifts from BON LUX 

Here is an excerpt from the BON LUX website bio: “In a tiny studio in Melbourne, botanical oils of bark, spices and petals are blended, mixed with wax or flower water and poured in small batches for customers all over the world…” Now, if that’s not enough to conjure up gorgeous daydreams of tranquillity featuring beautiful non-toxic, vegan, palm oil free and sustainably farmed delights, I don’t know what is. Every year, BON LUX partners with different not-for-profit organisations to share the love around. For 2017, donations are going to Share The Dignity - an Australian charity striving to make a real difference for women in crisis. Everything on the BON LUX website looks divine and there are endless goodies to suit a wide range of lucky gift recipients.


Coal Soap from The Adventure Project

On the other hand, is there a Christmas Grinch in your family who could do with a lump of coal at the bottom of their stocking? If you have, then Coal Soap from The Adventure Project could be the perfect gift! Not only will they get a bit of a giggle, APOTHEKE'S charcoal soap will also do wonders for their skin, as the soap is made with bamboo charcoal powder to draw out impurities and disinfect, while the coconut, olive and organic palm oil all provide moisturising benefits. Once they’re feeling wonderfully cleansed and virtuous, they can then kick back and read the little booklet, detailing how that very soap has also enabled The Adventure Project to donate a new charcoal-efficient stove to a woman in Kenya. That ought to put a smile on the dial of any Christmas Grinch!

Coal Soap.jpg

Books, Earrings, Prints & more from Scar Stories

And of course, our 2017 Christmas Good Gift Guide just wouldn’t be complete without featuring some of the fabulous Scar Stories gifts available to you all! With everything from our inspirational Scar Stories book, to a pair of fun Lightening Bolt RockScars Earrings and a multitude of stunning photography prints, you’ll be sure to find something to suit everyone in the family. Plus, all funds from your purchases go directly towards supporting young adult cancer patients & survivors in Australia.