Radio Star

I interviewed on ABC radio today. What a pleasure it is to be invited into the ABC studio at Brisbane's South Bank to talk about Scar Stories. Of course I could talk about Scar Stories for hours but I was chuffed still at the generous time slot that was awarded us.

We can thank the amazing Nikki Keating for setting this interview up. She is quickly becoming our favourite Scar Stories promoter, having already written a piece about me for Sartre magazine's third edition that goes to print very soon.

Tim Cox was a lovely interviewer, as you can hear. He may have a few radio converts after today's show, if only I could get the AM stations to work in my car. 

The Scar Stories team is amazed at the level of media coverage that we're getting this month. It's been a whirlwind ride, with the book launch a couple weeks ago and the commencement of our Rock Scars project this week. And we're nowhere near ready to slow down!

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