Creative Workshops

for young adult cancer patients & survivors

Scar Stories Inc. has launched an art program that enables cancer patients and survivors between the ages of 18 and 35 to access art, music, photography and creative classes around Australia. The program will include free access to existing classes around Australia, specialised classes for patients and survivors, and one-off workshops.

scar stories art classes for young adult cancer patients.jpg
As a 23 year old having recently completed treatment I was in a terrible headspace. I had low self esteem because believe it or not, I was embarrassed about my experience with cancer. I struggled to find social outlets that I was comfortable with and while my friends’ lives were moving quickly forward I needed to feel productive, even though my energy and confidence levels were low.

Art was a great outlet. I joined a photography class and when people asked, ‘what do you do?’ I got to say ‘I’m studying photography’.

This is what I want to give other young adult cancer patients and survivors; something to do and somewhere to be, with people who feel the same.
— Jasmine Gailer, Founder & President