In our experience, coming to terms with life post-cancer is challenging, but being involved in Scar Stories' projects helped us. Perhaps being involved will help you, too. If you're aged 18 - 35 years and have been affected personally by cancer, we're here to help. We welcome you to:

  1. Attend a free art, music or photography class from the list below
  2. Participate in one of our creative projects
  3. Do a one-on-one photoshoot with our professional photographers
  4. Come to one of our social events
  5. Log in to our Scar Stories Cancer Fighter discussion forum

Scar stories creative program

search for a class or workshop near you:

If the creative program you're into isn't listed, contact us!

Are you an art, music or photography professional who would like to make a difference to young adult cancer survivors? 

Scar Stories creative program art photography music for cancer survivors