Some of our images may shock you. Some may bring you to tears. Hopefully, ultimately you will be inspired by the tenacity and courage of these young (and young at heart) people. Win or lose, we have fought for our lives and by sharing our scars through photographs and stories, have gained a new perspective on life and our journey; seeing our scars in a new light - one that is empowering and beautiful.


Our Scar Stories
Zoie, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, by Analia Paino

“The chemicals within the drug caused a reaction, burning my skin from the inside out, leaving me with 3rd degree burns all over my body.”

Maddy, by Analia Paino

I knew that one day this negative experience would be outweighed by the positive experiences it would lead to. It would ultimately guide me to a more purposeful life.

Liam, by Beck Faldon

When you were around Liam, it was easy to forget he was undergoing Chemo and had spent the last two years in his words, 'chasing tumours around my body.'

Linda, Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, by Suzanne McCorkell

"I’m still trying to figure out who I am after cancer and how to live my life in this body, but I’m thankful to still be here albeit a little worse for wear."

Nikhil, Leukaemia, by Analia Paino

It doesn’t take courage. I wasn’t brave or inspiring or crazy in my ‘battle’ with cancer. I cried, I wailed for it to be over. I still do sometimes. But I kept in mind these things; what it was all for, and by doing that I saw something good in the darkest days of my life. 

Frazer, Osteoblastic Osteosarcoma, by Nigel Inglis

"When I was diagnosed I felt like I lost all control. But I feel strong when I ride my Harley."

Rachel, Hodgkin's Lymphoma, by Analia Paino

My biggest scars are from a biopsy and a heart drain. But I also have large stretch marks under my arms and hips from when I suddenly gained 7kgs during fluid treatment! My portrait, rather than showing off my scars, symbolises the mental strength I had during my treatment.

Sarah, Chondrosarcoma, by Charmaine Lyons

"When I saw my portrait for the first time I think I stopped breathing for a second or two.  Despite Scar Stories portraits being about capturing the physical story of Cancer, I felt as though mine captured my spiritual story."

Lauren, Tongue Cancer, by Charmaine Lyons

If there is an upside to cancer it’s that it has made my relationships with people stronger and more meaningful.

Hannah, Ewings Sarcoma, by Suzanne McCorkell

"I desperately tried to hide all that was wrong with my life, with my body, with myself..."

Michaela, Stomach Cancer, by Thomas Webb & Angelo Kehagias

“They tore me apart. It took me three years to start revealing my cancer scars"

Chris & Bridie, by Suzanne McCorkell

"Embrace your scars and each other"

Jasmine, Osteosarcoma by Charmaine Lyons

"It was liberating"

Jas, Rhabdomyosarcoma by Charmaine Lyons

" body has scars but they tell a story of a young child that has not only survived cancer but has kicked its butt."

Wendy, Breast Cancer, by Charmaine Lyons

"A delicate line...of soft lilac..."

'Tough Beautiful Chicks', Breast Cancer, by Suzanne McCorkell

"Having endured surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, we are truly Tough Beautiful Chicks"

Sara ‘Sunny’, Osteogenic Sarcoma, by Fiona Vail

"We like to call my scar 'my shark bite'..."

Nathan, Brain Tumour, by Lisa Auger

" I thought life was open ended. Now I think differently..."

Natalie, Ewings Sarcoma, by Lisa Auger

“Live and love life”

Mark, Brain Tumour, by April Kendall

"I had to find my feet all over again; establish myself..."