Cameron, Osteosarcoma, by Lisa Auger

...this scar changed my life, but it doesn’t stop me from living it.

I believe that a scar represents a journey, a story. Stories need to be told. 

My story began with a diagnosis. A life altering word: Cancer. As I approached the theatre, I heard the chatter of nurses, the beeps of machines and the silence of uncertainty. What will the next few days bring me, I wondered. Will things go back to normal? Or shall I evolve into a different person, a better person, more aware and responsive? These days came and went and I realised that life would never be the same.

I have had my scar for a year and a half now. It doesn’t bother me; I like it. It represents who I am and tells my story. Yes, this scar changed my life, but it doesn't stop me from living it.

Scar Stories Cameron Osteosarcoma by Lisa Auger.jpg