Hayley, Retinoblastoma, by Fiona Vail

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Scar: A mark left on the skin or within body tissue where a wound, burn, or sore has not healed quite completely. For me my scar is not quite as obvious to those looking at me; but personally, my scar affects the way I look at myself and I am incredibly self-conscious. I was diagnosed with a Retinoblastoma in my right eye when I was six months old, so I don’t particularly remember the diagnosis or the surgery to remove the eye. But what I do remember is the constant check-ups, the never-ending eye drops and doctor’s appointments, to make sure that I don’t have any cancer in my left eye, or anywhere else. From what I've heard from my parents, it was so quick between the diagnosis and the eye removal surgery that they didn't have time to process what they were being told.

I was never really comfortable with my FAKE eye, until this year. This year I decided that I would stop being scared of what people would say, that I would just start being myself and if my ‘friends’ didn't like it then that doesn't matter. This year I realized that my best friends wouldn't mind that I have an artificial eye. I decided not to let it dictate who I am, and who I will become. Since I've stopped hiding my scar, it has been easier to accept the fact that I had cancer. But while the scar I was left with may not be as obvious as some, it’s still there and it has affected my life, the people around me, and how I view myself. I am thankful for the strength it has given me to be myself. I am happy that I am able to call myself a SURVIVOR, and that I am finally able to let my guard down and be happy with how I look.

I was never really comfortable with my fake eye, until this year.
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