Mark, Brain Tumour, by April Kendall

Scar Stories Mark Brain Tumour by April Kendall.jpg
I had to find my feet all over again; establish myself...

I was diagnosed with brain cancer on the 24th of March 2004. Brain Cancer changed my life…it always felt like a bad change, and I have only recently discovered that it’s a change for the better. The brain cancer involved brain surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. 2004 was a year in hospital for me. In essence, Cancer destroyed me; everything I made of myself, everything I wanted, everything I hoped, just...disintegrated…fell apart.

I had to find my feet all over again; establish myself. A new Mark with both physical and mental adjustments. Now in 2012, I do still struggle coping with the new Mark, the Mark that can no longer be the sporty, confident, bright, school captain individual. Last year I found my faith, I discovered that there is a greater being helping you out, protecting you, looking after you, and I’m so grateful for that.

I am proud to have had cancer and this is my Scar Story.