Sara ‘Sunny’, Osteogenic Sarcoma, by Fiona Vail

I was diagnosed at age eight. I guess at that age you don’t really understand what is happening. My scar is an important part of my life. It shows the pain and struggle that I have managed to overcome. It has now been almost nine years since my diagnosis and I am doing well. I have dreams to move over East and begin my career as a musician. My image was taken on the beach because I’m pretty much a fish out of water! We like to call my scar “my shark bite” because I’ve always had a strong connection with the ocean and it looks like a shark bite! I am teaching myself for probably the seventeenth time to surf and I hope to save up enough to buy my own surfboard this summer. I am grateful for my past because it has given me a new outlook on life and more determination to have a better future.

Scar Stories Sara Osteogenetic Sarcoma by Fiona Vail.jpg
We like to call my scar ‘my shark bite’...