Andrew, Osteosarcoma, by Lisa Auger

Scar Stories Andrew Osteosarcoma by Lisa Auger.jpg

I was only 17 years old when I was diagnosed with an Osteosarcoma in my left leg, just above my knee. I was told many possible outcomes, like losing my leg, the cancer spreading to my lungs, or that I wouldn't be here in five years time. At the time I was helping to support my family with my apprenticeship.

I had to have a full knee replacement to remove the tumour that was about 9cm by 3cm in size. I recovered well and am getting back almost full use of my left leg. However, it has left me with a 37cm scar. The scar doesn't bother me because I know how lucky I am to get through this and it’s nothing compared to losing my leg.

I did lose my apprenticeship though, as the knee replacement won’t allow me to carry on with daily duties as a heavy diesel mechanic. This was initially very hard to deal with. After my parents and I almost went broke during my treatment, things are finally looking up now that I have received a payout. With this I have purchased my own franchise that both my dad and myself are going to run together.’s nothing compared to losing my leg