Frazer, Osteoblastic Osteosarcoma, by Nigel Inglis

I'm someone who likes to have things organized, worked out, decided on ahead of time. So as soon as I was diagnosed it felt like I lost all control. So many decisions were out of my hands; I was told what to do and when, what appointments to go to and what drugs to take. But at the same time so much was up in the air! I couldn’t predict the outcome, or how I would feel, or how my life would change.

As soon as I was diagnosed it felt like I lost all control.

I was diagnosed with Osteoblastic Osteosarcoma (Bone creating bone tumour...but strangely in my case, it wasn't in the bone) in my left thigh in 2015, at the age of 23. Prior to that I was a Theatre Technician and a keen motorbike rider. With my trusty Tenere I rode across deserts and off road. I was having a ball.

I feel strong when I ride my Harley.

The Harley was a decision I made in amongst the chaos. I bought it about three quarters of the way through treatment. As I was starting to get the hang of things with my new leg and scar it was becoming clear that I couldn't ride off-road anymore due to the gaping whole where muscle was removed above my left knee. Riding is part of my life, my personality, so if I was going to keep riding it would have to be road only. I knew I would have to buy a more comfortable bike. So why not get a Harley?! I already look the part with my size tattoo and a brand new 13 Inch Scar.

I often look at my scar as a sign that I made it and that I'm stronger than I thought I was. I have had to change and adapt. But I feel strong when I ride my Harley. I feel strong that I’ve made it to the other side.